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Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

No Hands deep tissue massage was founded by Gerry Pyves over 20 years ago. It was created as an alternative massage to using hands, to protect the therapist from mechanical damage, whilst still maintaining a deep and powerful treatment.

The No Hands massage is both versatile and transitional. The technique itself involves the therapist using their body weight to gain the required depth of the stroke whilst using the soft, fleshy part of their forearm as a tool to accomplish this.

The moves used during the treatment can be definite and deeply defined to conquer taut, stubborn muscle fibres that appear resistant to softening. Alternatively, the long, smooth, sweeping surface of the forearm helps to ease tension and facilitate the ironing out of large areas of unrelenting muscle, which subsequently concludes in its submission.

This treatment can also be gentle and soothing on the senses for the more delicate client who enjoys stillness of mind and a feeling of overall wellbeing. All No Hands massage treatments can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

No Hands deep tissue massage can have a physiological, emotional and mental impact on the body. It improves the blood and lymph flow, stimulates the circulation of nutrients around the body and boosts oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange within cells and tissues.

Generally, these effects all boost the body’s natural healing system and help to energise and revitalise the client.

The massage itself involves the use of pillows for each client’s support and comfort during the application of pressure.



*Full Body Massage – Includes Full Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Legs.
The treatment is strictly professional in nature.

Prior to Treatment

  • A light meal and water is advisable an hour or so before the massage.
  • A consultation card is completed, highlighting any previous or present medication/medical problems.
  • We also recommend that anyone feeling slightly unwell, e.g. a cold or flu-like symptoms waits until they have fully recovered before making an appointment.
  • Any major operations or illnesses should be discussed prior to making the appointment.
  • It is also important to mention any allergies to oils as an alternative will be used.
  • Aftercare advice is provided.